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Filipino Pescetarian Dishes Recipe Round Up

Tuesday, January 06, 2015Enz F

Too saturated from all things sweet and fatty? Gaining additional pounds and now shedding that irksome extra fats and beer bellies? I am raising all hands to these. Holiday is over but eating will never cease. So to help you with your everyday meal plan, I compiled some of my leanest and less calorie-inducing Filipino dishes that you can cook any time at the comfort of your own kitchen. Do not worry, no need for fancy ingredients that with unfamiliar and hard to pronounce names. This is just helping you to list down the most common household pescetarian dishes that you may include in you post-holiday diet plan. A prepared checklist will at least save you from the usual “ano na naman kaya ang lulutuin ko ngayon?” (so what am I going to cook now?). Just a couple of disclaimer though, I am not claiming that everything I listed below are all purely “diet” foods. It is still up to your own discretion as to how much you are going to consume each day. Finding better and leaner substitute for the ingredients will also bring you wonders. Say if the dish calls for a little amount of pork or egg, you have the option to either omit them or substitute them with vegetarian mushrooms or tofu. If the recipe cannot do away with frying, you may use olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil as an alternative to your usual cooking oil. See, your personal judgment will still prevail.

Filipino Pescetarian Dishes Recipe Round Up
So for more Filipino pescetarian home cooked dishes, here is a round-up of vegetable, fish and seafood recipes (with little or no animal meat) from the previous blogging year for your post-holiday enjoyment. Do not forget to share it to your friends who might also in need of them. Have a great time!

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