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Honeymansi-ade (Calamondin and Honey Beverage)

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Citrofortunella microcarpa is the scientific name of calamondin or Philippine lime, locally known as calamansi (kɐlɐmɐnˈsɪʔ). This citrus hybrid of kumquat fruit and mandarin orange is grown year round and widely cultivated in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. 

Honeymansi = honey plus calamansi juice.
Calamansi is green in color in its unripe state but turns tangerine to yellow as it matures. The inside of the fruit is very sour although its peeling is slightly sweet. While calamansi plants are grown in North America mainly for ornamental purposes, these tiny limes play a very important role in Asian cuisines. The juice of the fruit is usually extracted and can be mixed with sweetener and become flavoring ingredient for different beverages like iced tea, smoothies, cocktails and softdrinks. It also plays an important role for marmalades, chutneys, salads, desserts and pies. Due to its acidic content, it has also become a very good substitute to vinegar in making marinade sauce for meats and fishes. 
Calamondin or Philippine lime is a hybrid of kumquat fruit and mandarin orange.
In the Philippines, we love to mix the calamondin juice with our choice of salty condiments like patis (fish sauce) and toyo (soy sauce) to make an indispensable "sawsawan" (dipping sauce) to pair with our grilled and fried dishes. It has also become a popular souring agent to some Filipino dishes like pinangat, pinaksiw and sinigang, and garnish to the well-loved pancit (rice noodles). When I was a kid, I remember my lola would tell us to drink a glass of squeezed juice mixed with warm water and honey when we had cough or flu as it is also a very good source of vitamin C.

One of the easiest Filipino ways to beat the summer heat is to make lemonade-like beverage out of calamansi juice.
For the Filipinos, the easiest and cheapest way of beating the scorching heat is a glass of ice cold calamansi juice beverage. I love to mix my calamansi with honey to make a refreshing Honeymansi-ade. Its preparation is very simple, yet the drink is not only thirst-quenching but healthy as well. Calamansi fruits are so abundant in the Philippines that you would rather go for naturally squeezed juice than those sugar-loaded powdered fruits to make your own beverage. And just smelling the exotic fragrant of these little ones would always give you that exact summery sensation. No wonder it feels and "smells" like summer in the Philippines almost all year round!

Honeymansi-ade (Calamondin and Honey Beverage)
Yields 8 to 10 glasses 

(Printer-friendly recipe)

  • 20 pcs. calamansi (calamondin) 
  • 1 L water 
  • 8 tbsps. honey or more 
  • ice cubes 

  1. Rinse the calamansi fruit and cut into halves. 
  2. Put a strainer on the mouth of a pitcher and squeeze the calamansi to extract the juice. Discard the seeds. 
  3. Add in water and mix with honey. Stir until well blended. 
  4. Pour the mixture in a glass with ice cubes. Serve with straw. Enjoy! 

  • Add mint leaves and mix some orange juice to soften the tartness.

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  1. This is just wonderful and thanks for sharing a bit of the Philippines with us :-)

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